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Trying something new is never easy—we can relate! But taking risks can make life all the more rewarding!

We’re reaching out today to connect with our Noon to Midnight “first timers”— are you one of them? Have you been visiting our site, following us on Facebook, and checking back for new arrivals? Thank you! We are so happy you have interest in our merchandise. Maybe you’ve been holding back on making your first purchase because you’re just not sure what to expect. We understand, but want to help!

To our Noon to Midnight “regulars”—help us encourage those “first timers” to purchase something on our site! Write a review or post a comment to our Facebook page (or this blog) to educate other shoppers about your experience. NEW: You can also read and write CUSTOMER REVIEWS on every product page! You'll find the CUSTOMER REVIEW section under each product description. How was the fit of your items? Would you recommend reviewing our sizing chart? How quickly did your items arrive? What was your customer service experience like? How are our prices in comparison to other online boutiques? Answers to these questions and more are super helpful to people who might be considering purchasing on our site for the first time. Your feedback will also help us improve our site and operations! We want to hear from you, so please share your thoughts here, add a comment to this blogs post, or write a review on a specific product through the Customer Review section on every product page!

If you are purchasing on our site for the first time, you can use discount code FIRST at checkout for 10% OFF your order through August 31, 2015.

Thanks for your interest and support. We look forward to helping you look and feel your best... without breaking your bank account! Visit About Us for more information.

Life's short... buy the clothes.

Owner & Founder | Noon to Midnight, Style Co.

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